Michelangelo Antonioni - Cronaca di un Amore AKA Chronicle of a Love (1950)

Michelangelo Antonioni's first narrative feature is a stark, minimal interpersonal drama that would establish many of the themes and techniques that would recur in his work for the rest of his career. Story of a Love Affair centers on the dynamic between Guido and Paola, two old flames re-igniting their passions for one another.
Tabs are being kept on both of the lovers by their current spouses as well as by a private investigator, but even after their pursuers fall out of the picture -- whether due to accidents or disinterest -- Guido and Paola find that their love for each other is waning. Filled with stark, empty compositions, unpredictable camera movements, and static, self-obsessed characters, Story of a Love Affair would mark Antonioni as a maverick among the prevailing neorealists of the post-war Italian film community.

Size    708MB
Language    Italian
Subtitles    included: English

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