Jean-Pierre Melville - Le deuxieme souffle aka Second Breath [+Extras] (1966)

DIR Jean-Pierre Melville
SCR Jean-Pierre Melville
DP Marcel Combes
CAST Lino Ventura, Paul Meurisse, Raymond Pellegrin, Christine Fabréga, Jo Ricci, Denis Manuel, Michel Constantin, Pierre Zimmer, Pierre Grasset
ED Michèle Boëhm, Monique Bonnot
PROD DES Jean-Jacques Fabre
MUSIC Bernard Gérard

With his customary restraint and ruthless attention to detail, director Jean-Pierre Melville follows the parallel tracks of French underworld criminal Gu (the inimitable Lino Ventura), escaped from prison and roped into one last robbery, and the suave inspector, Blot (Paul Meurisse), relentlessly seeking him. The implosive Le deuxième souffle captures the pathos, loneliness, and excitement of a life in the shadows with methodical suspense and harrowing authenticity, and contains one of the most thrilling heist sequences Melville ever shot. —The Criterion Collection


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