Lynne Ramsay - Morvern Callar (2002)

If you awoke on Christmas Eve to find your partner dead on the floor, how would you react? Morvern Callar takes the viewer into the strange world inhabited by Morvern, who reacts to her lover's sudden demise with cool detachment. A soundtrack of cool electronica interspersed with the odd classic replaces dialogue for most of the film, which accompanies Morvern on a mental and physical journey to make sense of the loss of her partner and the futility of her mundane existence.
The film possesses a surreal quality, yet also provides some sharply observed scenes. It really comes to life during the second half as Morvern and her friend decamp to Spain to find themselves in a hellish hotel full of ecstasy fuelled scallies. The film meanders from scene to scene without any specific sense of purpose. It's clear from the start that the dialogue is not particularly important, but the music and visuals are. An ultimately enjoyable film that dares to be different, I would recommend it to anyone who us a fan of leftfield music or who isn't put off by having to think for themselves while watching a movie. 

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