Richard Pottier - Huit hommes dans un château (1942) a castle: that's what the title reads; and here lies the main problem of the film. There are too many characters and the results are often more complicated than complex.This is a muddled story where you may often lose the vital lead.

A Pair of detectives (husband and wife on the verge of divorce) investigates in an old castle covered in dust.They were probably inspired by the Wens /Mila Malou team, played by Pierre Fresnay and Suzy Delair, who appeared in 1939 in "Le Dernier Des Six". René Dary (a kid star in Feuillade's days) who plays the husband, never stops smoking during the whole movie. Characters also include survivors of a wreckage, a baroness and her granddaughter, comedians one of whom is the romantic young lead, a notary, his nephew, a forest warden, an acrobat, Mister Delaunay (played by Louis Salou who was about to find his best role of Count De Montray in "Les Enfants Du Paradis" )....and even a ghost in the corridors when the night comes.

Richard Pottier is an efficient craftsman and his directing compensates a little the desultory screenplay. He includes a film in the film,false news, and a play "La Dame Aux Camélias" and displays some humor : the barker announces a drama by Alexandre Dumas's who wrote "Les Trois Mousquetaires" whereas this romantic drama is Dumas's son's work.


René Dary ... Monsieur Paladine
Jacqueline Gauthier ... Madame Paladine
Aline Carola ... Hélène de Chanceau
Louis Salou ... Delaunay
Colette Régis ... Madame de Chanceau
André Carnège ... Le juge d'instruction

Size    821MB
Language    French
Subtitles    Unknown if subtitles included

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