BBC - War of the Century (1999)

World War II redrew the political map of the world and ushered in changes whose reverberations are still felt today. This comprehensive collection of the 10 definitive series that have shaped our understanding of WWII - over 30 hours of programming - not only examines the details of the conflict, but digs deeper to attempt to answer the questions that still haunt us. Through startling archive footage and eyewitness testimony, this set offers a unique perspective and true understanding of what actually happened.


1) BBC The Nazis A Warning From History link
2) BBC The Road To War link
3) BBC Dunkirk  link
4) BBC War Of The Century
5) BBC Battle Of The Atlantic link
6) BBC Horror In The East link
7) BBC Battlefields
8) BBC D-Day 6.6.44
9) BBC D-Day To Berlin
10)BBC Auschwitz The Nazis And The Final Solution

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