Yasushi Sasaki - Ying chun hua aka Winter Jasmine (1942)

This is another famous national policy film produced by Man'ei (Manshu Eiga Kyokai / Manchuria Motion Picture Production and Distribution Co.), which is modeled from German's UFA studio. Indeed, the studio head Amakasu strove hard to improve the quality of the works produced, traveling to Germany to acquire the latest movie cameras and production techniques, and inviting noted Japanese movie stars, directors and conductors (such as Takashi Asahina) to visit Manchukuo to participate in his productions. His efforts were instrumental in launching the career of the actress and singer Yoshiko Otaka, better known as Ri Kōran or Shirley Yamaguchi.

Size    699MB
Language    Japanese, Chinese
Subtitles    included: Chinese hardsubs for Japanese dialogue, Japanese hardsubs for Chinese dialogue.

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