Vadim Chubasov - Sergei Eisenstein: Lessons in Editing ()

I found this fascinating movie a while ago at soviet movies weblog. It's a 60-minutes documentary about different types, techniques and notions of montage used by Eisenstein. The movie is very imaginative, features a lot of interesting video-techniques to visualize different concepts of montage. Although I don't speak Russian nor understand to read kyrillic characters I enjoyed watching it very much.
All I found in the internet is the following description.
soviet movies wrote:
This is not Eisenstein's film, but a series of montage lessons by V. Chubisov using Eisenstein's films for examples...

levchin specifies
that the filmmaker is Vadim CHUBASOV, not Chubisov, who taught at the Kiev Theater/TV/Film Institute for many years, and died recently. Moreover, the title of this film is Lessons in Editing, not A Montage Lesson.
No one seems to know when it was made. Judging by the video style it must be the '80s. Clearly this is an instructional film, commissioned and produced by the Karpenko-Kary film school in Kiev.

If anyone can provide more production details (year of production, etc), I'd gratefully edit the announce.

Size    667MB
Language    Russian

ENGLiSH Subtitle

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