Mark Robson - The Seventh Victim (1943)

Producer Val Lewton once more utilized leftover Magnificent Ambersons sets for his psychological horror piece The Seventh Victim. Kim Hunter arrives in New York's Greenwich Village in search of her errant sister Jean Brooks. Gradually, the naive Hunter is drawn into a strange netherworld of Satan worshippers. The story is a bit too complex for its own good (especially with only a 71-minute running time to play with), but editor-turned-director Mark Robson and screenwriters Dewitt Bodeen and Charles O'Neal keep the thrills and shudders coming at a satisfying pace. Lewton regular Tom Conway offers his usual polished performance, while veteran character actresses Isabel Jewell and Evelyn Brent look appropriately gaunt and possessed in the "cult" sequences.
Kim Hunter  - Mary Gibson
Tom Conway  - Dr. Louis Judd
Isabel Jewell  - Frances Fallon
Hugh Beaumont  - Gregory Ward
Jean Brooks  - Jacqueline Gibson
Evelyn Brent  - Natalie Cortez
Erford Gage  - Jason Hoag

Val Lewton

Nick Musuraca

DeWitt Bodeen
Charles O'Neal

Composer (Music Score)
Roy Webb

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