Jean-Luc Godard - Masculin feminin: 15 faits precis aka Masculine, Feminine: In 15 Acts [ +Extras] (1966)

The story follows a young man in his early twenties named Paul (Jean-Pierre Léaud) who has just gotten out of his required tenure in the French army. He finds himself having difficulty adjusting once more to civilian life, after all, the military was all that he really knew for the last few years of his life. To help find his way back into things, Paul takes up writing and he spends a lot of time putting his thoughts down on paper in a small French café. While killing time in the café one day, by chance Paul meets a beautiful young lady named Madeleine (Chantal Goya) and the two begin talking. As they get to know one another it turns out that she's an aspiring pop singer who works at a magazine that just so happens to have a use for someone like Paul who is handy with words so she gets him a job.
Soon enough, Paul has fallen for her and while Madeleine does show some hesitation initially, it isn't long before the two are an item. As is apt to happen with most couples, their small social circles become entwined and they begin hanging out in a group made up of Paul's old friend Robert (Michel Debord) and Madeleine's roommates, Elisabeth (Marlene Jobert) and Catherine (Catherine-Isabelle Duport.).

As the central characters get to know one another better and better through various social activities, the divide between Paul and his friends becomes increasingly obvious. He shows great concern over various political issues that are completely irrelevant to his comrades and while he begins to lean towards activism, they seem content in their complacency. Even Madeleine, who he was initially so attracted to, seems void of concern for the relevant social problems that he tries to wrap his head around, and this divide that grows between the two lovers soon causes her to become quite emotional while he, on the other hand, becomes more withdrawn and, in a sense, antisocial.

Size    2.08GB
Language    French
Subtitles    included: English - .srt


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