Sadao Nakajima - Poruno no joô: Nippon sex ryokô aka The Pornstar Travels Around Japan (1973)

Ingrid Jacobsen (Christina Lindberg), on arriving in Japan, acquaints a Japanese man at the airport who looks like a sap. He takes her to his apartment where he brutally rapes her and keeps her hostage and bound in chains. Ingrid's alluring beauty eventually enchants the rapist and he is soon consulting his 'How to Stimulate a Woman' sex book in an effort to please her... Of course, our girl exploits this weakness and manages to escape. She then finds her way to a nightclub and to cut a long story short is ganged-banged by some odd-looking characters. Ingrid is not having a lot of luck is she, poor girl! The Japanese man (who seems to have fallen in love with her), finds her walking the streets barefooted and in a terrible state. So he takes her back to his place and tries his best to bring her out of her depressive state of mind but with no avail. He eventually orders her to go but it seems Ingrid has developed a 'Stockholm Syndrome' and refuses to leave. They then live together quite happily until some gangsters arrive to shatter their domestic bliss...

Size    700MB
Language    Japanese and some swedish
Subtitles    included: English srt included

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