Ruggero Deodato - Una ondata di piacere AKA Waves of Lust (1975)

A young couple becomes embroiled with the personal problems of another couple on a yacht moored off Sicily during a turbulent weekend of fun, games, sex games, betrayal, spouse abuse, and murder.(Internet Movie Database)

Ruggero Deodato made a comeback, after working in advertising business, with this sleazefest, where he directs his wife Silvia Dionisio. Waves of Lust's premise is obviously stolen from Antonioni's L'avventura with some extra  inspiration taken from Polanski'sKnife in the Water. In other words, the film is apart of "ambiguos characters on an island/yacht" film cycle following Giuliano Biagetti'sInterrabang, but not quite reaching the sleazy heights of Ottavio Alessi's Edwige Fenech / Rosalba Neri vehicle Top Sensation. All we need to know is that there are a lot of T&A, sexual games, humiliation, abuse, and violence. Needless to say that this film was a smash hit in Italy in the year of its release even though Deodato never wanted to direct it. He also tried to steer the movie away from sleaze to the thriller territory. Let's just say that he failed.


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