Martin Sulík - Záhrada AKA The Garden (1995)

DIR Martin Sulík
PROD Rudolf Biermann
SCR Martin Sulík, Ondrej Sulaj, Marek Lescák
DP Martin Strba
CAST Marián Labuda, Roman Luknár, Zuzana Sulajová, Jana Svandová, Katarína Vrzalová
ED Dusan Mildo
MUSIC Vladimír Godár
SOUND Peter Mojzis

Jakub stumbles across his grandfather’s journal which is written in backwards script. He finds a map leading him to an old bottle of wine hidden years ago. Now curious, Jakub must solve the mysteries of his grandfather’s garden. He meets Helena, a young girl Jakub’s grandfather taught to also write backwards. Strange things happen in the garden, and some of them do indeed seem like miracles. Amid the eccentric events, young Helena teaches Jakub to appreciate the delicate mysteries of life.
From Slovakia’s celebrated director Martin Sulík.

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