Hung Leung Yan - Tortured Sex Goddess Of Ming Dynasty (2003)

The first half hour of “Tortured Sex Goddess of the Ming Dynasty” is disgusting and tawdry while the remaining hour is incomprehensible and tawdry. First things first: We are introduced to a young couple in extreme marital difficulty. The husband has just lost all their money playing what looks to be a Chinese version of three card monty and bets his wife on the next throw of the dice. Naturally he loses and his wife is taken by a couple of guys who climb a tree (I am not making this up) with her and rape her. Not satisfied with destroying her life the husband want to try his luck again—this time the stakes will be his dick, at least according to the subtitles. When he loses, as he must, instead of taking the knife to himself he slashes a few of the gamblers and runs. For some reason his wife runs away with him. I won’t describe the next couple of scenes—suffice to say that they are beyond degrading. Trying to avoid the gamblers who have tracked him to the city the husband (now a widower) sneaks into a palace disguised as a nun where he witnesses the “blissful-cruel torture” which is the specialty of some visiting Japanese women.
The rest of the movie takes place in the palace where the focus of the action shifts to Eunuch Liu (Teresa Mak) and the Evil Enchantress (played by, I think, Japanese porn actress Yuri Kumuro). Eunuch Liu is stuck in a horrible cycle of reincarnations, a samsara from which he can’t escape. He is reborn every day and every day he is sentenced to death and smothered. He is stuck because of the karma from past lives, times in which he killed a lot of innocent people. He tries to convince the officials around him that they don’t exist but are only images from his dreams and that they will cease to exist when he is killed—which, of course, doesn’t work although his inability to convince them seems to be part of the karmic price he will be paying for the next few thousand years. The Evil Enchantress wants to change bodies with Eunuch Liu solely, she claims, because she feels sorry for him, which makes absolutely no sense based on anything that has happened until then. The switch does create the basis for sex among three women plus some rough sex between whomever is in the body of the Evil Enchantress and the court official who pronounces the death sentence on Eunuch Liu every day. The lovely Grace Lam has a very small part, a real “what was that all about” appearance, most likely to allow the distributors to bill her in a co-starring role. The nudity and simulated sex is left to the Japanese porn actresses, a very hard working and professional looking pair.

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