Bojena Horackova - À l'est de moi AKA East of Me (2008)

Marta, a seventeen-year-old girl, decides to leave Prague, her home town, for Paris, a place she pictures as an El Dorado. Thirty years later, Bojena Horeckova leaves Paris for Prague and Moscow to find out what it is like to live in the former Eastern bloc countries nowadays. Written by Guy Bellinger

The film is a documentary film juxtaposing two distinct narrative threads. The first explore the history of a Czech girl who emigrates to France at the age of seventeen - a girl so hungry for freedom that she abandons family, boyfriend, homeland, culture...The other thead takes us on a circuitous route through the Eastern Europe of today. Past and present combine to unravel the web of illusion and disillusionment. The girl's private story provides a means by which these are revealed as, in parallel, we explore the living conditions of today's Eastern Europeans.

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