Tarkan Viking kani aka Tarkan vs. the Vikings (1971)

Kartal Tibet is… Tarkan! A mighty barbarian warrior guy who runs around with his dog, Kurt, saving pretty women from danger. He’s currently in the employ of the daughter of an important political person who runs afoul of some bloodthirsty Turkish Vikings who worship a bizarre Lovecraftian man-eating octopus. Why do they want the girl? Why, to sacrifice her to their god, of course! The Vikings, lead by a guy with the most amazing moustache ever, land their Viking ship outside of the castle where she lives, and soon have killed off all of her men, with only Tarkan left breathing, laying unconscious and presumed dead on the floor of the courtyard after a bloody battle ensues. Tarkan isn’t going out like that, however and once he gets his strength back, he and Kurt track down the Turkish Vikings and set out to save the pretty damsel and save her from certain doom at the hands of the half inflated eight-legged demigod.


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